Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Federal Comms in the clear

   Florida seems to be one of few places left where Federal communications (FedComms) can still be heard in the clear.
   Here is some of my recent logging on Friday, 18 Nov 2011:

CBP comms 165.2375, Fri 11/11/18

165.2375 10:20am: clear
44CS w X-95; passing coords of TOI.
44CS on 165.2375 again: "26-42 North, 079-30 West"
"Will attempt to acquire tgt vessel at last known position."
CG vessel involved too.
"Our callsign will be "Omaha 44" on clear freq. Will be listening for Coast Guard on 350.025 and 345.0."

163.775 now
44CS is CBP P-3B N144CS (153446), with the big AWACS-like radar dome on top.
"Understand you are trying to reacquire the aircraft over the suspected drop location."
"Shark 41 is 9 min out; we will try to reach them on 345.0 MHz."
"Coast Guard aircraft is also 40 min out."

171.075 now, 44CS regarding CG "Shark." Also asks if CG 2309 is a C-130. (It is actually an MH-65C helo).
IDs as "CASA 144" on 171.075.

On 171.075, 44CS passes tgt coordinates as 26-41 North, 79-33 West. Still no joy contacting Shark 41 on 345.0.

AL STERN Satellite Beach FL

Monday, November 14, 2011

Homestead 93FS at Avon Park Range today

     93FS F-16Cs from Homestead ARB are working at Avon Park Bombing Range.

     Mako 11, Shark 21, Akula 31 and Jaws 41 are using freqs:
225.025 Avon Park South Tac Range
264.625 Avon Park North Tac Range
292.200 Avon Park Range Ops
238.900 AR-620 Refueling Track
138.125 Mako air-air
138.250 Air-air
140.425 Air-air
303.150 Homestead Mr Mako Ops
306.900 Miami Ctr with Akula 31
307.100 Miami Ctr
281.500 Miami Ctr
     One of the SHARKs passed his tail to the tanker as 86-0269. I have this as a former Nellis AFB 64AGRS bird.

AL STERN Satellite Beach FL