Monday, November 14, 2011

Homestead 93FS at Avon Park Range today

     93FS F-16Cs from Homestead ARB are working at Avon Park Bombing Range.

     Mako 11, Shark 21, Akula 31 and Jaws 41 are using freqs:
225.025 Avon Park South Tac Range
264.625 Avon Park North Tac Range
292.200 Avon Park Range Ops
238.900 AR-620 Refueling Track
138.125 Mako air-air
138.250 Air-air
140.425 Air-air
303.150 Homestead Mr Mako Ops
306.900 Miami Ctr with Akula 31
307.100 Miami Ctr
281.500 Miami Ctr
     One of the SHARKs passed his tail to the tanker as 86-0269. I have this as a former Nellis AFB 64AGRS bird.

AL STERN Satellite Beach FL

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