Sunday, May 6, 2012

Customs-Border Patrol freqs busy in Florida

Customs-Border Patrol freqs busy in the clear in Florida

Great comms in the clear last night (Saturday). Heard a CBP aircraft and marine craft intercept a boat with 17 foreign nationals aboard.

Acft "8MR" up with "Mike 777" on 164.775 in the clear; surveilling TOI at 26-43.2 N 79-50.8 W. "8MR" is CBP's DHC-8 N808MR.

"We will hold at the 79-50 line until he gets closer, then we will go to the 26-42."

"We are between you and the TOI."

"He has turned back to the north."

"We are due west of his position by about two or two-and-a-half miles."

"Still no joy on this contact; we cannot get him visually or electronically."

"Do you have us visually?"

Then "Mike 777" contacts "Charlie 100" on 164.775 and informs him of their intercept of the TOI. Passes his position as 26-41.4 079-50.7 W and says "I have my boarding team on board the TOI."

"Looks like 17 POB aboard, foreign nationals."

Later "Mike 777" tells "Charlie 100" of transfering subjects to Coast Guard Cutter Dolphin.

I also heard other unrelated CBP comms.

There was "515" up with "220" on 163.775, among others in the clear. Several vehicle registrations passed. Most of the registrations are coming back to Hispanic owners, including Nicaraguans. These comms are analog and in the clear.

Also some encrypted comms on 165.2375, possibly related.

AL STERN Satellite Beach FL

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